Endeavour, drive, tolerance, respect and team spirit are just some of the fundamental qualities and values we hope to transmit to our students.

Tolerance for frustration, knowing how to lose and how to win. Just as in life, you have to learn to accept defeat, but also to win gracefully, always respecting others. To this end, sport is a fundamental part of the School’s educational project.

The privileged surroundings of Mater Salvatoris School make it the ideal setting for implementing this project. There are a range of facilities available:

  • 4 basketball courts.
  • 3 volleyball courts.
  • 2 handball courts.
  • 2 tennis courts.
  • 3 rhythm and psychomotricity halls.
  • 3 gymnasiums, each adapted for different requirements.

Because of its importance for personal development, sport is practised at all educational stages of the School.

  • Pre-School Education +
    At this stage, Physical Education is worked on through rhythm, psychomotor skills and sports skills. It has been demonstrated that doing these activities improves learning in other areas, such as Spanish Language and Mathematics.
  • Primary School Education +

    Through Physical Education, the girls express their spontaneity, develop their creativity and, above all, learn to know more about, respect and value themselves and others. For this reason, as well as weekly lessons at School, the students who wish to do so can sign up for some of the following activities:

    • Federated basketball team
    • Federated volleyball team

    The School also offers students an indispensable sporting complement: Games. With this activity, our objective is to take advantage once again of the value of traditional games while also working on aspects like imagination, self-esteem and relationships between classmates, in a fun, relaxed and dynamic environment.

  • Secondary School and Baccalaureate +
    In these crucial years, sport helps and supports students on their personal journeys towards maturity. As in previous stages, the School offers its students the chance to join a basketball or volleyball federation so they can participate in inter-school competitions.
    We always encourage team sport, because discipline, the importance of the rules, working in a group and confidence in others can all be worked on. Discovering what leadership is and its importance for the way a group functions are fundamental life lessons.


From the 2nd year of Primary School to the 1st year of Baccalaureate, students participate in different cross country races organised by the Community of Madrid. We have achieved a great deal of success over the years.



U16 Basketball Team, Cup Champions

  • Third place in Pozuelo League 2014-2015.

U14 A Basketball Team

  • U14 League Champions at Local Sports Games.
  • Runner-Up in Pozuelo de Alarcón Cup.
  • Runner-Up in U14 Sports in the Community of Madrid.

U18 and U12

  • Third place in the League in their respective categories in the 2014-2015 season.