El Rosalar


The El Rosalar Foundation, a charitable and cultural organisation, was set up by parents of students at Mater Salvatoris School Madrid in 1986.

The main aim of the El Rosalar Foundation is to assist students at Mater Salvatoris School whose families may be unable to pay for their studies, by awarding bursaries, prizes and grants.

The El Rosalar Foundation secures funds through special activities such as registration fees, prize draws, raffles and charity bazaars. It also organises conference series and other cultural activities which benefit students.

However, its main source of funds is voluntary contributions from benefactors. Thus it is necessary that the El Rosalar Foundation can rely on a regular fixed income from those who have subscribed to this effect, so that it can plan the awarding of bursaries each school year.

To this end, the School’s Leadership Team encourage all parents of students at the School to contribute to the Foundation and become a member-benefactor. To do so, all that is needed is to register with the Foundation and give a regular donation, filling in the form by clicking here.