The collection traditionally begins in School on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Those responsible for the Collection are penultimate year students, who each day go round all blocks encouraging other students to be generous to those who have greater need of material and spiritual assistance.

The foods collected are sorted and packed into boxes which, together with the monetary donations, are distributed between the San Juan de Dios Shelter, the Hermanitas de los Pobres and the Hermanitas de la Cruz and the Villaverde UVA Nursery, which are dedicated to looking after the destitute, the poor, the elderly, poor children and children lacking support.



“You have no idea that what you are giving for Domund really brings so much life”. With these words, a Spanish missionary in Chad expressed his thanks for the help arriving to sustain his evangelism work in Africa.

Spain sends the second greatest amount of money to mission work, after the USA. And Mater Salvatoris School enthusiastically joins in with celebrating World Mission Sunday (DOMUND), a day on which financial collaboration with mission work is sought and tributes are paid to all missionaries.

In 2015, thanks to the generosity of so many families, the School raised €9,326.50.

Many thanks to all!



The Bazaar is organised by the El Rosalar Foundation with the aim of raising funds for bursaries and assisting families experiencing difficulties. It is a great success thanks to the hard work of a team of mothers of School students who generously offer their time and labour to this charitable cause.

At this Bazaar, most of the items put up for sale are donations from families closely associated with the School and products made by this team of mothers, who enthusiastically work all year round to bring this good deed to fruition.